Sensing the City – Sense of the City

17. – 27.3.2022

Biblioteca de Marvila – March 17th, 7 pm
Zwitschermaschine – March 18th, 7 pm
ORi künstlerische Bildmedien e.V. – March 19th, 7 pm

Opening hours Zwitschermaschine, ORi:
Wed – Fri  4 – 8 pm
Sat, Sun   2 – 8 pm

Has every city got its own pace?  What do we hear, see, and feel when we walk out the door into the cityscape? Is it too loud, too fast, too trendy, too narrow, too dirty, too crowded? How do we manage not to lose track?
The exhibition project sensing the city – sense of the city aims to explore individual sensations in urban spaces. Taking place in Berlin and Lisbon simultaneously, this cross-disciplinary platform for urban art will host works in diverse shapes and different media which are accompanied by a broad range of workshops and other participatory formats.

Artists: Ana Rodriguez, Anzhelika Van-In, Bailey Keogh, Bret Louis Adams, Camila Almeida, Carolina Costa, Charity Bee, Chloe and Lorena and Peter, Elke Burkert, Emily Marie Passos Duffy, Francisca Manuel, Friederike Müller and Lorenz Beer, Inga Coleman, Inês Abreu, Ivana Papić and Özcan Ertek, Jens Wolter and Hartmut Jahn, Jeremy Philip Knowles, Johanna Reichhart, Kaja Busch, Laila Mahmoud, Laura Lukitsch, Les Actionnaires, Lijung Choi, Lisa Hofmann, Lisa Rubin, Lorena Terzi, Luiza Baldan with David Wagner and Nico Espinoza, Marcos Risso, Margarida Bolsa, Maria Luz, Maria Madalena Salgeiro, Maria Marques, Mascha Wansart, Mathias Gatti, Maíra Santos, Melina Matzanke and Joanna Czekajlo, Michael Schmacke, Nathalia Melo, Pharaz Azimi, Prema Ananda Strack, Rebekka Stuhlemer, Xénia Baricz, Zsófia Puszt

Workshops & Interventions:

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