Sylvie Rodriguez / Alex Baladi



Eröffnung: Fr 17.04.2015  –  19 Uhr
Ausstellung: 18.04. – 26.04.2015 – Do-So  15-19 Uhr



17.04. : Saskia Edens / Manu Louis – Video/Konzert


22.04. – 20.00 Uhr: Bruno Crochet / Benjamin Novello – Konzert


26.04.: Yves Levasseur / Nonoyesnonono – Konzert/Performance/DJ


Geh in den Wald und nimm etwa fünfzig lange Stöcke. Lege die Stöcke auf den Boden und mache ein Gitter, das du mit einem Seil oder mit Kunststoffteilen an den Schnittpunkten fixierst. Stelle das Gitter auf und falte es zu einem Ring. Lass eine Lücke von 1 Meter für den Eingang, die du mit drei Stöcken verstärkst. Lege eine große Plane um dein Netz, das du mit einem langen Seil rings um das Gitter befestigst. Für das Dach nimm das Speichenrad eines Fahrrads und die längeren Stöcke. Bilde ein großes Rechtecke mit dem Stoff auf den Stöcken. Überdecke nicht das Speichenrad – so hast Du ein Oberlicht. Den Boden schneide aus einem relativ steifen Gewebe. Und jetzt ist es gebaut.


Sylvie Rodriguez
Much of Sylvie Rodriguez’ work is based on objects that have become useless, that she collects and saves from annihilation : bottles, cans, books, handkerchiefs, deflated balloons, discarded boards, old notebooks, embroidered sheets, etc …
She breaks them, fixes them, tears them, mends them. Like when we drive a nail in with a wrench or use a teacup for a flowerpot, the objects are diverted from their initial purpose and become the material substance of her sculptures and installations. Her work transforms objects, observes the existing, destroys before recomposing.
She also collects sounds and sound effects from old films or sound databases, video images from all sorts of documentaries, photos scanned from books.
She appropriates them, and it is the manipulation and recontextualization of these found and recuperated materials that gives rise to the work of art. Very little in these work is materially new, there are few original photographs or objects made from scratch – they consist rather of found and reassembled elements giving rise to often absurd environments, games with incomprehensible rules, undecipherable sentences, constructions so finely balanced that they threaten to collapse at any moment.
She lends her ear to these decaying, rejected, orphaned objects and sounds. She takes them seriously, listens to their small voices, charms them and takes them under her motherly wing. Although she subdues them, she also gives them a new chance to express themselves through her by becoming a part of her semantic games. She creates surprises, recalls obvious truths and gives the artistic gesture back some of the childlike enchantment which has somewhat suffered from Art’s pathological inclination to invent itself a function.
She builds a roof out of tiles of old books which talk about birds in vain, because they are books that are no longer wanted. They have been used and retain the immodest traces of those who have owned and read them. She seeks them out, assembles them and makes this roof out of them. And creates a deafening absence of chirps.


Alex Baladi
Alex Baladi was born in 1969 in Switzerland. After studies in art and cinema, his participation in the early 90’s to monthly magazine Sauve-qui-peut (AtoZ) truly revaels his talents for comic books.
Since, with more than fifty books, he has become a central author, published by most of the „independent“ publishers like Atrabile et la Cafetière, but also L’Association, B.ü.L.b. comix, Drozophile, Groinge, Mosquito, Les requins marteaux or The Hoochie Coochie.He also auto-publishes short albums and fanzines. Besides, his various collaborations to diverse magazines are quite numerous : Psikopat, Jade, le cheval sans tête, PLG and, more recently, Drozophile, Strapazin, Bile noire, Samandal and Lapin.
Baladi has also worked for the swiss press, made posters, publicity illustrations, CD covers and drama plays sets, and taken part in several exhibitions. Winner in 2000 of Töpffer Prize of the City of Genève, he is also co-founder of la Fabrique de fanzines, which is meant to create a workshop where any visitor whatsoever can reate their own fanzine, the  workers of the Fabrique » being in charge of helping along with the création of each one and bring logistic support.
Baladi made two animation films with the filmmaker Isabelle Nouzha, „Frankenstein encore“in 2009 and „Don Quijote de la Mancha“in 2011.
In 2013 he won the Leenaards prize for artists in Lausanne.
Since 2005, he’s a member of „L‘ Oubapo“(Ouvroir de Bande dessinée potentielle), a group dedicated to experimental comics.


Sylvie Rodriguez – Brief Biographical Details
Sylvie Rodriguez is a graduate of the Chelsea college of art and Design, London and form the HEAD, Geneva. His solo show include, Salve, Videotage, Hong Kong (2003), Flop : eaux usagées, Galerie expo3036, Berlin (2004), Flop : flotte et coule, Videotoge, Hong Kong, (2004) Flop : entre les tâches de boue séchée, l’océan, Hachihactich, Kyoto, (2004), Delta, Espace Vema, Dakar (2004), Where about ?, the States Museum of Hemitage, St Petersburg (2005), Made in, Ox WareHouse, Macau (2006), Vin, Galerie M&N, Berlin (2006) Loose Booty 1, Vegas Gallery, London (2008), Loose Booty 2, Free Studio, Geneva (2008), espace K3, Zürich (2008), Retour au camps de base in Espace Mode d’emploi , Pékin (2009), The flag, In-Vitra Bienne (2014), Correspondance, Espace Ruine, Geneva (2014), Mir nicht, dir nicht, H29, Brussels, Belgium, Youryourte, Zwitschermaschine, Berlin/Germany (2015) Linceul, In-vitra, Bienne / Switzerland (2015), Premier Album, Matienschon, Buenos-aires / Argentina, Deuxième Album, Centro la Balsa, Cordoba / Argentina
Group exhibitions include Crossing, Shareo, Japon (2003), Digit, Galerie Mars, Moscou (2005), Home made ,Gallery Weissen Elephant, Berlin (2005), Udia, Departamento residencia, Barcelona (2008), Festival Rifrazioni, Nettuno/Italie, (2008), Eternal tour festival, Rome (2008), Le lien, le rituel, la présence, Musée du District, Bamako (2008), I am brith as a Geneves , Espace Frode, Geneva (2009), I am brith as a Geneves, Vegas Galerie, London (2009), Dokoka, Espace Cheminée Nord, Geneva (2009), T’as tout Salopé, Ego galeria, Barcelona (2010), /+\=X, Woodstock Industrial Centre, Cape Town (2010), Lui , Espace cheminée Nord, Geneva (2010), Recure, Espace Timtimol, Dakar, (2011) MXII, Austellungraum Klingental, Basel, (2012), Things of live, Flowers gallery London, (2013), Nuit blanche gallery KCUA Kyoto, 2013 La réserve, espace CH9, Geneva (2013), Swiss Visual Gaika Gimlet SAAS Gallery, Kyoto (2014). Kultur Palace, Zwitschermaschine, Berlin / Germany (2014) Fall and rise, Gallery Lage Egal Berlin / Germany (2014) , Sunday in the park with Ed, Display, London/ England
She also curate program video with different artists, this screening includ in 2012 program : The Art of The Displacement, Gakai Gimlet SAAS, Kyoto and Kerk Kiosk, Basel, in 2011 program : The Art of The Displacement, Espace Timtimol, Dakar and Air view, Onishima/Japon, in 2008 program : Swiss Made Centre Cultrel Français Bamako, in 2006 program : Swiss Made Ox Warehouse, Macau in 2005 program : Depedence-Independence Galerie GAZ 21, St Petersburg and Musée de l’Hermitage, St Petersburg, in 2004 program : Depedence-Independence, Espace Culturel Honjarado, Kyoto and Espace Culturel Kadjinol Station, Dakar, in 2003 program : Son Ballon, Neue Gallerie, Landshut/Germany, Lothringer Laden, Munich and City university, Hong Kong.