BERLIN ART SOCIETY @ Zwitschermaschine

Manfred Weber, Nora Linnemann, Parisurteil
Kuratiert von Denis Leo Hegic und Michelle Houston

The photographer, the writer and the urban calligrapher

come together to create:  Einen Tag lang für immer.


Eröffnung: Do 16.08.2018, 19 Uhr
Ausstellung: 17.08. – 12.09.



Between 16.08.2018 – 12.09.2018 the enfants terribles of the Berlin art scene Michelle Houston and Denis Leo Hegic bring together the urban storytellers to the Zwitschermaschine. The exhibition “Einen Tag lang für immer“ is the first exhibition of its kind, where a photographer, a writer and an urban calligrapher create a collective work.

The street is the catalyst, the working place, the fabric and the muse for all 3 urban storytellers, each with their different tool.

Manfred Weber is a photographer, a flâneur, capturing seen but often unnoticed moments of everyday urban life and his photography provided the starting point for the story. Nora Linnemann is a writer; her rich texts depict relatable angst and urban encounters. Parisurteil is a left-handed urban calligraphy writer. With his master strokes words become images and intersect space, on the walls, ceiling, floor and through the canvas.

The columniation of the storyteller’s is “Einen Tag lang für immer“ an immersive exhibition where visitors are able to walk into the narrative. Where the boundaries between different forms of urban storytelling have been mashed together and reformed, creating not a group show, but rather an urban collective story.