Harri Sjöström – soprano saxophone
Kriton Beyer – daxophone
Andreas Willers – electric guitar
Jan Roder – double bass


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Musik: 20:00 Uhr
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Harri Sjöström is a Finnish saxophonist who specializes in the soprano saxophone. His music and fine art studies at the Lone Mountain College, the University of San Francisco and the San Francisco Art Institute in the 1970s led him to participation in workshops led by John Cage, Bill Dixon, Vinko Globokar, George Russell, and his saxophone teachers Leo Wright and Steve Lacy.
Since 1978 Sjöström works extensively as a freelance musician, composer and initiator of interdisciplinary ensembles in the field of contemporary improvised music and mixed media projects.
He returned to Europe 1978 and started to work with Derek Bailey, Teppo Hauta-aho, Paul Lovens, John Russell, Paul Rutherford, Alexander von Schlippenbach a.m.o.
From 1980 -1985 he lived in Vienna, Austria, which became his doorway to the European contemporary music scene; formed his first groups and organized numerous artist exchange-projects in Finland and elsewhere.
Between 1990 and 2016 an extensive collaboration with the pianist and composer Cecil Taylor developed, including seven live recordings with small and larger Cecil Taylor ensembles. Of particular importance is the Cecil Taylor Quintet with Cecil Taylor – Teppo Hauta-aho – Tristan Honsinger – Paul Lovens – Harri Sjöström. Energetic and with an appetite for risk he founded and co-founded many ensembles with highly interesting instrumental lineups including such e.g. Quintet Moderne / Sestetto Internazionale, MOVE / European Composers Improvisors Orchestra – ECIO / Up And Out – vario project / City Of Pyramids / The Player Is / Motström / The Treasures Are / Flight Mode a.o.
Sjöström is known for his open and joyful cooperation with numerous renowned innovative musicians and composers in the field of contemporary improvised music. He has been teaching saxophone since 1980 and is a vital member of the European contemporary improvised music scene. Sjöström has composed music for film and is still active today with his photography.

Kriton Beyer is a Greek-German musician and composer, who – as a performer and improviser – mainly works with the harmonium and the daxophone. He studied musicology in Greece where he collaborated with a variety of local music groups as well as musicians like Sakis Papadimitriou and Floros Floridis.
In 2004 he moved to Berlin, where he got heavily involved in the improvised music scene of the city.
Since then he has worked with many musicians like Phil Minton, Audrey Chen, Steve Noble, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Axel Dörner, Liz Kosack, Kresten Osgood, Tristan Honsinger, Tomomi Adachi, Richard Scott, Willi Kellers, Matthias Bauer, Antonis Anissegos, Olaf Rupp, Alexei Borisov, Els Vandeweyer, Harri Sjöström, Nicola Hein and Liz Allbee, dancers like Yuko Kaseki and visual artists like Akiko Nakayama. Kriton Beyer founded the “FRAGMENTATION ORCHESTRA“, is a member of the electroacoustic trio “uproot” and the ensembles “Redox Reaction” and FDBK EXPT.
In his work with the harmonium, Kriton Beyer uses both the natural sound of his instrument and “traditional” playing techniques as well as preparations, objects and extended techniques, while his daxophone play is characterized by a very personal musical and sonic aesthetic, and an unconventional technique, sometimes also supported by the subtle use of electronics. As an improvising musician, he has performed throughout Europe. His compositions are usually characterized by conceptualism.
Kriton Beyer has also conceived and commissioned the music software CinePrompt®, which was specially developed for the use for live musical performance and live recording to films.
Kriton Beyer also manages the record label “The Procrustean Bed”, dedicated to Experimental & Improvised Music.

Andreas Willers is a German jazz guitarist and composer.
Willers, who started out in blues bands like the Charly Schreckschuss Band and in avant-garde groups, first studied at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles in 1979/1980, continuing his studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg with Harry Pepl and in master classes in Banff with John Abercrombie. He released a solo album Hier & als Auch with Free Music Production, and began working in a duo with wind player Gebhard Ullmann. He moved to Berlin in 1983, where he formed the quartet Out to Lunch with Ullmann, Martin Lillich and Niko Schäuble, which toured internationally, played major festivals and toured and recorded with Enrico Rava. In 1987, Willers and Ullmann played with Trilok Gurtu as Minimal Kids, and later performed with Steve Argüelles and recorded with Bob Stewart and Marvin Smitty Smith.
He expanded his trio Blue Collar into a quartet with Claudio Puntin and into a quintet (and also an octet) with Matthias Schubert and Dominique Pifarély. He also plays in quartet with Paul Bley and Yves Robert. From 1991 to 1996 he taught at the Hochschule für Musik „Hanns Eisler“ Berlin. In the mid-1990s Willers played in the Theo Jörgensmann/Petras Vyšniauskas Quintet with Kent Carter and Klaus Kugel. With Frank Paul Schubert, Christof Thewes and Willi Kellers he formed the formation Grid Mesh.
Willers has also worked with Gerry Hemingway, Hans Lüdemann, David Murray, Paul Bley, Marc Ducret, Warnfried Altmann, Bobby Previte, Uwe Kropinski, Elvira Plenar, Dirk Raulf and the Acoustic Guitar Orchestra.
Together with Ullmann he received the German Phono Academy Award (1983) and the SWF Jazz Award (1987).

Jan Roder is a German jazz double bassist. Roder studied music in Hanover. He began his career as a rock musician and lived for long periods in Brazil. In 1995 he came to Berlin, where he played tours and concerts with musicians such as Ulrich Gumpert, Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Manfred Schoof, Uschi Brüning, Joachim Kühn, Aki Takase, Gunter Hampel, Mircea Tiberian and Axel Dörner.
As a successor to Joachim Dette, he formed the band Die Enttäuschung with Axel Dörner, Rudi Mahall and Uli Jenneßen, which performed the complete works of Thelonious Monk together with Alexander von Schlippenbach in addition to their own pieces; the quartet expanded to a quintet in 2017 with Christof Thewes.
With Björn Lücker and Henrik Walsdorff he forms the group The Most. In addition, he has participated in the Caciula Trio (with Maurice de Martin and Ben Abarbanel-Wolff) and the group JR 3, the Silke Eberhard Quartet, the Spielvereinigung Kreuzberg and the Zoran Terzić Trio, and performs as a duo partner of Maria Răducan.

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