A group exhibition by:

Diana Fonseca • MAF & Nommo
Hayden Dean Prosser • Victor Yrigoyen

Vernissage 18/08 @ 18-22
Exhibition 18-22/08 • Thur/Fri 18-22 • Sat/Sun 12-22

A Day in Night’s Reality ~
A Night in Day’s Reality

Hayden Dean Prosser

A Day in Night’s Reality ~ A Night in Day’s Reality is an audiovisual piece that explores the effect of insomnia on the states of sleep and wakefulness. The artist asked participants to respond to an instructional score that requires, without disclosing, to describe a beautifully banal story or dream or ask the participant to search for dreamlike natural light in their surroundings. The combination of the material creates a visual representation of a half dream, half awake state where the two states of being morph into one and are not differentiated.

A Made Up Sound

MAF and Nommo

The collaborations between MAF and Nommo go back many years but have evolved into an exploration of amplification of the voice of marginalized members within communities. And how might we proceed when a voice must be invented to reflect the agency of non-human participatory actors? Through these artistic collaborations, we are recognizing the elements that comprise a community, living and dead, fanciful and real, voiced and unvoiced, human and non-human, self and other. A Made Up Sound is several audio/visual compositions created from an abstract score, performed over a meeting application by six participants, and listened to by

Nommo and MAF. Nommo was created with the help of Nicholas Rich in Max/MSP and uses several sample banks, raw signal input, and digital processing to select, fragment, and construct abstract compositions in real-time for stereo and multichannel interactive performances.

Oscillating solitudes 

Diana Fonseca

  “Already in the woods I was troubled by a multitude of voices – the voices of the hill beneath me, of the trees over my head, of the very insects in the bark of the tree. I could even hear the stream licking little pieces out of the meadows, and the meadows dreamily protesting. Above the din – which is no louder than the flight of a bee – rose the Faun’s voice saying, “Dear priest, be placid: why are you frightened?”1.                                                                                E. M. Forster’s, “The Curate’s friend”

   Four walls, surrounding me. Inert structures that used to be my shelter, now they become an inconspicuous prison.  I approach to the structure, to negotiate my sorrow; then I realize that this colossal monster is no longer a languid object. Gracefully pulsing with vibrating voices, is sharing its secrets with me. I am no longer abandoned in my isolation, but sharing this seclusion with my unanimated friend.

   Oscillating solitudes is an audiovisual installation that delves into the relationships that we maintain with our “commodities”, and ourselves, during quarantine times. Hallucinating juxtapositions that invite us to hear and sense within corporeal formats. Absurdity shaped by reality.


Victor Yrigoyen

To find connection is to see yourself in others. Through a non-musical score, this audio-visual piece links together its performers from different locations and dives into the domestic, the mundane; an up-to-date portrait of solidarity and impatience in daily life.